Mediazione civile

"Mediation is an informal and private out-of-court procedure that aims to resolve conflicts where a third party, the mediator, is neutral, impartial, independent and competent, supports the other parties facilitating communication, identifying each party's interest and working towards an agreement that will satisfy both parties"
(Program of Negotiation – Harvard School Law)

Even if, on 23 October 2012, the Constitutional Court granted the legitimacy question raised by the Lazio Tribunal regarding the obligatoriness of mediation procedures, we remain firmly convinced about the usefulness of this very important facility. As a matter of fact, as the obligatoriness element has been eliminated, the true nature of civil mediation will come out: the voluntary nature to seek a conciliation and avoid legal course of action that are costly in terms of time and money.

Iuraconsult's experts follow with keen interest every opportunity (for instance Ministerial incentives) that present themselves assessing each individual case.

Iuraconsult uses the best Mediation Organisations in Italy with the highest degree of specialisation in the areas we cover.